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*thumbs up*

Even though I may not agree with the subject matter shown, I can't let that take away from how well done this Flash is. (That's why you lost the 1, sorry)

The animation style is great, Stimpy would be proud. lol
The music fit very well. Which makes sense, since it's from the R+S show.
Comedic timing was spot on. A slightly twisted subject matter made quite humorous. ;)

For the people giving this video a 0, think about all of those "awsum stik vids wer te on pwns blu dud. t's fukin hellarous! lolololol". Do they really set that much of a better example?
Besides, this video is rated "Adults Only".
Ie. no kiddies.
Ie. only people intelligent enough to see this and not get the urge to rape the deceased elderly.
Ie. Shut the fuck up and make something better if you think you're so great.

I think I've made my point.

Keep doing what you do Slintas. ;)

Slintas responds:

I actually like stick movies (not the blu dud pwns de rd dud ones tho lawls)
Thank you for an awesome review. Makes me happy and makes me continiue what I do. :)

Haha, nice.

Tweens aren't really that big of a deal. Frame-by-frame animation is a bitch, and I hate it. lol
Besides, it came out looking fine anyways, eh?

I enjoyed the Easter Egg, kind of expected something like that, but it didn't look like he was holding a Wii remote. More like one of those SNES ones you can buy for it.


1. Stolen madness characters, get your own ideas.
2. Misshapen penis, come on, it's a pretty simple shape.
3. What the hell is with the armless lego man?

Didn't make much sense, and, as we all know, it was short.

On the plus side, the actual animation style wasn't too bad.

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Just terrible

Sure, it looks like a complete game. But there is so much that is missing.

As many others have said, the ads are terrible. If you want to make money from your games, sell them to a site like ArmorGames. A few ads are OK, but this is just too much.

Additionally, the game simply isn't tested. I tried shooting the canon at an angle of about 80-90 degrees and the shot never came back down. The camera scrolled about 20% of the way to the enemies then stopped.

On the topic of scrolling, there's no way to scroll around and look at the enemies after you've clicked to see your catapult. Every other half-decent game of this type lets you scroll back to get another look.

And how about weapon selection? It's not intuitively obvious what's going on without experimenting to figure it out. To the average gamer, 4 single arrows and 1 triple arrow means they have 5 shots, not 2 or 4. While I'm talking about arrows, there's no way to see whether you have the single or double arrow selected. I didn't make it far enough to see if any other ammunition types have the same problem, but I imagine the same problem occurs later on.

TL;DR: Let some friends play your game before you release it. This seems like a game that was only tested by the dev - and that's a problem. It's hard for devs to spot problems in their own games.

Too short

While the gameplay was good, the whole game seemed like a bit of a tutorial for more levels rather than a game in and of itself. I would love to see this game done with a larger level pack, since I was able to finish the whole thing in a matter of a few minutes.

I did run into a bug where releasing the mouse outside of the game causes items to stick and become un-draggable. To see this for yourself, drag an item off the stage (ie. out of the flash movie's bounds) now release the mouse, then move your mouse back in and click the item. Now try to move it.

mooseisloose responds:

Yeah if I could think up more levels I would've made more, but I suck at level design. Thanks for picking up on that big, I have no idea what's causing it though :s

Not front page material

By the time you start getting waves of 40+ meteors, the only real strategy is to dump a bunch of ships in the way of the cloud and hope not many of them get destroyed.
The recoil from destroying meteors killed more of my ships and took out more of the planet's health than meteor hits themselves did.
It was also very awkward to move around and get to certain locations without using the tiny minimap. While dragging a ship to position it, the game should scroll when you're near the edge to make it easier to place ships.
A lot of potential, but it needs work.

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Not bad. ;)

I quite liked it, except for the transition at 2:30, that was quite abrupt.
It would be much nicer if you could break down the perc. a bit more, maybe augment it until it fades away into the quiet part.

Love it

I love this song.
I wish I had the sheet music for the bass line.

CalebSkwerl responds:

thanks for the praise! :)

I like it

But just as I said for Mr P.C., the sound quality isn't quite up to par. But I like this one so much I'm going to be using it anyways.
Tell your jazz band I commend them on a well-played song, and I should know good jazz, I play the double bass, =)
Looking forward to hearing some more!

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